How to Prepare for Your Photo Session
Studio Express is concerned with our customers' experiences more than anything else. We work hard to craft a genuine and enjoyable environment for families and individuals. Our goal is to create relationships and provide quality products that will last a lifetime.
Make an Appointment
  • Appointments are recommended.
  • Appointments have limited availability.
  • Only one appointment may be booked per family or group.
Plan for Your Appointment
  • Arrive promptly for your appointment. Early is okay. We can take you as soon as we are available.
  • Sessions, from start to receiving photographs, usually take one hour to one and a half hours.
  • We use state-of-the-art printing technology to create archival quality prints for you on site in minutes.
  • Specialty gift items are available usually within 7 business days.
Bring Family and Friends
  • We never have sitting fees or additional charges for extra individuals.
  • Everyone in your group should plan to be in the session.
  • Friends, relatives, grandparents, grandchildren, everyone is welcome!
  • Teams, clubs, groups of friends make great portrait ideas.
Dress for Your Portraits
  • Come dressed in your desired clothing.
  • Outfit coordination is recommended for groups.
  • Solid colors work best with our props and backgrounds, but we will work with your outfits to your liking.
  • Outfit changes are recommended!